ABC News:San Bernardino weapons “illegally purchased”

ABC News has a story stating the assault weapons used in the San Bernardino attacks that resulted in the death of 14 were “illegally purchased” by Enrique Marquez, the friend of shooter Syed Farook. Hidden in the sixth paragraph of the story it states “According to authorities, Marquez illegally purchased the two “assault rifles” that were used in the massacre along with a pair of hand guns”. An article on The Trace the weapons were “illegally modified”. The Trace also reports from a Wall Street Journal article “one of the rifles had been altered to quickly release and accept magazines, which is illegal under California law”.

This information contradicts the information President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders led people to believe. They do not care about the information, they only care about pushing their agenda of gun control. There already are laws in place to limit or prevent the sale of certain weapons but they mean nothing if they are not enforced.

Moments after the initial attack in San Bernardino, and while the entire event is going on, we have Hillary Clinton posting this on Twitter:

Hillary Gun Violence Tweet

Now that we have the truth about the guns being illegal, what is her plan? To add more laws that won’t be followed? To go after the law abiding and responsible gun owners again while allowing criminals and terrorists to go on freely? Why not stop the terrorists?

The truth is the whole gun control agenda is a diversion and a tactic of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. While the events of San Bernardino were still unfolding, she made the above post and tried to change the topic. We now know that the shooters were radicalized and were not noticed by Department of Homeland Security or the FBI. Why? See my previous post (DHS Proposal 2011) on the limitations for both to effectively do their jobs. The real problem is preventing terrorists from doing attacks by going around laws and not removing guns from people who actually follow the laws.


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