Where are Black Lives Matter and the Blank Panthers in Louisana flooding? Where is President Obama too?


Screenshot 2016-08-19 at 7.11.24 PM

Image source: YouTube

A video posted on YouTube asked a simple question “where are the Black Lives Matter and the Blank Panthers”.  A very good question. Black Lives Matter and the Blank Panthers take no time to run somewhere when it is convenient for them but when their own people are under a huge amount of water and could use some true help they are absent. Anthony Brian Logan, who posted the video, says they are “Black Lies Matter. L-I-E-S. Not telling the truth, not telling you what is really going on” to state the disappointment for the group. Talk a look at the video below and you decide.

Where has the President been during this devastation? Vacationing in Martha’s Vineyards and playing his next round of golf. Remember the criticizism President Bush got for the flyover following Hurricane Katrina? Then Senator Barack Obama used the event as a stepping stone to the White House.

So now he has an opportunity to do something for his own black people and he decides to stay on vacation. After much pressure he has made a decision, probably grudgingly, to go. Surely, he can’t pass up another photo op.




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