Veteran kills himself after being turned away from VA. Problems are still unfixed at the VA. Unacceptable!

A New York Times story stated, “A 76-year-old veteran committed suicide on Sunday in the parking lot of the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center on Long Island, where he had been a patient.” His name was Peter A. Kaisen. This comes years after the information of how inept the entire VA department is with regard to providing medical service to our veterans. The story goes on saying “He went to the E.R. and was denied service,” one of the people, who currently works at the hospital, said. “And then he went to his car and shot himself.”

The article provides a link to Government Accountability Office (GAO) study that investigated the discrepancies along with recommendations. One of the recommendations states, ensure veterans requesting appointments are contacted in a timely manner to schedule one. That was point number one from the recommendations section. The first item that needs to be corrected and they failed. Severely failed and there is no reason for it. Paul Kaisen deserved medical care for fighting and putting himself in harms way for the country. The country continues to fail these and many more veterans even after the GAO published their findings. How many more are going to kill themselves because of a failed system? The answer should be none but with leadership more concerned on their next tee time or fundraising event the veterans will remain ignored.


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